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June 15, 2016
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Katie Cahill has been ordering from The Organic Butler since Feb of 2016. Even though she has not been ordering for very long, she has quickly become a valued member and contributor of our community, and a loyal weekly shopper.
We interviewed Katie to find out a little more about her passions!

Tell us about yourself, who you are and what you do?

I am a Health and Wellness Entrepreneur, Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor & Consultant for a botanically based vegan certified Health and Wellness Company.  I have recently set up where I can share all my knowledge in one place!

I have a special interest in women’s health, exercise and healthy eating. I am also an ex- PE & Health teacher so exercise and sharing knowledge about movement and a healthy lifestyle has always been a passion of mine.

It all sounds very busy I know but it is amazing how much time opens up in your life if you let it!

I have in the last year embarked on a personal development journey which has seen me take a more holistic approach to my wellbeing; I live a life by design to create a reality for my dreams – rather than letting life happen to me!

This journey has seen our family of four appreciate what we do have, live in the moment more and importantly shift to a life where we appreciate where our food comes from, what products we put on our skin and what household products we use.

My favourite thing to do during the day is cook with my children and my favourite time of day is when Mark gets home from work and the kids (James & Olivia) are just beside themselves with excitement to see him and we share the meal we have prepared together.


Why are you so passionate about an organic lifestyle? What or who inspired you?

I used to be a bit ‘whatever’ when it came to organic versus non-organic foods. I had already turned on the big supermarkets, sick of inferior produce and shifted to a local grocer, the grocer was a bit more expensive but I knew the food was sourced mostly local.

Initially my shift to an organic lifestyle with less chemicals started with skincare and household products (I know a lot of people are the other way with food first). A business opportunity was presented to me to have my own consultancy in health, beauty and wellness products which was vegan certified, botanically based and organically sourced where possible – I jumped at it. For some reason I had always been concerned about what I put on my skin but not in my mouth!

I was then challenged to think outside the square participating in my monthly healthy eating bootcamp. The nutritionists recommended that we eat as  ‘clean’ as possible. I started off just buying regular non-organic but as I was educated each week on the benefits of organic and the possible harmful effects of GMO and pesticides my mindset began to shift.

The change had profound effects on my health, and even though I cooked healthy meals beforehand the difference in taste, satiety and physiological effects on my body were amazing. Clearly all those chemicals were not a right fit for me!

I no longer suffer from fatigue (even though I am awake several times a night with the youngest), my muscles and joints aren’t sore for no good reason, I rarely have headaches, my skin in clearer with less wrinkles and I don’t get ‘hormonal acne’ anymore; and I don’t suffer so much muscle soreness post exercise. Winning!

Now I love to inspire others that it is the way to go but I try not to be preachy. Everyone takes his or her own path in life and finds things out for themselves in good time!

Hopefully there is a cultural shift towards getting back to basics and more organic farming – our kids are growing up that way. Education is defiantly the key so I think the future is looking positive!


What is your favourite dish/recipe to cook at the moment? Something your whole family loves!

I am in love with cooking up broths with all of our left over scraps. I use the broth in all our other meals not just soups. My kids aren’t fans of soup in any form but by adding the broth to other meals they get its nourishing benefits!

My favourite thing to do with the broth at the moment is use it for cooking a half/half brown rice-quinoa. So good and we all love it.

I grew up with a thrifty mum who taught me how to cook. Even when the cupboard seemed bare she would make something tasty out of nothing; I have thankfully picked up her knack so we rarely eat the same meal twice as I wing most meals on the fly.


Can you share with us your organic shopping strategy? How do you ensure that you have everything you need on hand in your home?

Our delivery makes things a little tricky as we get a new delivery on the Friday and then have to order for the following week by Sunday evening with a pantry and fridge chockas full of food!

So I don’t plan what meals we are going to eat before my order – I take stock once it arrives. I write down what we have (including left overs from the previous week) and come up with a meal plan from there so nothing is wasted (I hate waste).

I order a large mixed box most weeks so I know we will have plenty and I am not forced to do extra shops elsewhere. If we have a slack cooking week which can happen to the most well intended and we have heaps of leftovers I just order a medium or small mixed box for the following week.

I like to read the farmers report but I don’t get hung up on it so I don’t get disappointed if my mixed box doesn’t include something! I like to read it just like I like to check the weather!

I always check out what is happening in the pantry for things like coconut oil, nuts, herbs, grains etc. I have personal care covered through my own online store and I use mostly vinegar for cleaning. I use simply clean for other household products which is based on essential oils but I don’t think it is organic so that is my next change to make!


Some of our members are new to eating organic produce and using organic products and it can seem quite intimidating to them. Do you have any words of wisdom to share? To make it seem less scary and a little easier for them to transition to a more organic lifestyle?

I found when I first started making the change that I was hung up on cost (which is fair enough as everyone has a budget)… but our grocery bill hasn’t changed! We have way more fruit and veg and less pre-packaged things like biscuits. I choose to eat organic meat too – we just have it a few times a week and smaller portions.

I can recommend slowly changing. You can always do the clean 15/dirty dozen when initially switching but that will mean more running around in the shops.

My slowest change (other than organic household products) was the pantry items like coconut oil, herbs, grains & sauces. Before I started making the change I had never cooked with coconut oil or coconut aminos – so it was in my eyes an additional expense but now I wouldn’t live without it!

I have slowly transitioned the pantry to organic. I didn’t throw all my herbs and spices away, but I am replacing them with organic as I run out.

I look back and think I can’t believe I fed my children those other vegies or used certain baby wipes and shampoo. What I am thankful for is that I now I am providing more nourishing foods and safer products.

My biggest recommendation is to order the mixed boxes as they provide great value for money for in season organic produce.  Occasionally you get an item that you may not have cooked with before but that can be exciting! The online Organic Butler Community are supportive, not judgy and more than willing to share recipe ideas – and fruit and veg identification!


How did you come across The Organic Butler?

My good friend Lisa got me onto The Organic Butler. We were both doing a 30 day Healthy Eating Bootcamp through my consultancy business and it was recommended to source organic produce and staples where available. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot available locally at a reasonable price but the positive is we found The Organic Butler!! I had been doing the challenge before this but not buying organic. I had good results but they were even better when we shifted to organic! I was astounded! And our food finally tasted like it use to when I was young!


What do you love best about The Organic Butler delivery service?

I really look forward to delivery day, I love that it is a complimentary service straight to your door and you can trust Ray and that the fruit and veg will be delivered in good condition.

I am also a BIG fan of supporting small local business and entrepreneurial ventures!


If there were something you would like to see us change or improve in our service, what would it be?

I look forward to when The Organic Butler gets a refrigerated truck so we can buy all of out dairy, dips, meat and frozen berries from them too!

Katie has just become an Ambassador in the fb community group! She is only too happy to help answer questions in our community about all things health, as this is her passion!

If you’d like to chat to Katie or have any questions for her, go to  The Organic Butler Community Group  start a thread and hashtag  – #memberspotlightKATIE

See you there!

The Organic Butler.


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