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The produce comes from 3 organic suppliers at the Australian wholesale market (only open to retailers with a fresh produce business). It is all certified organic. We also get a good portion (approx 50%) of our produce directly from a local certified organic farm.

We can supply you with paperwork (if required), with each item(s) source, location and farm details, and certification. Most produce is certified by NA, ACO, OGA, or a combination.


This is on our next to do list – we hope to get a refrigerated van in the coming months. We know it would be the ultimate convenience, if we were a one stop shop.

Some produce arrive to TOB HQ in plastic from the market – especially individual items like mushrooms, leafy greens, strawberries, and blueberries. It is imperative for produce to be kept fresh when it arrives at market from farms all over Australia.
This often means, in plastic, as the air can get to these items, causing rapid deterioration and loss of product.
We don’t believe in removing this plastic to replace it with brown paper bags as it contributes further to waste and will not keep the items as fresh.
We are all about transparency, and believe we should not contribute further to waste, and eliminate it where appropriate and possible that will not damage the food.
Some of the ways we are contributing to eco friendly practises:
We order the exact amounts from market – none/minimal waste.
We allow changes to boxes – eliminating food waste.
We reuse the boxes that the produce is delivered to us from the market/farm.
We use brown paper bags instead of plastic where appropriate.
We are happy to cater to those that would prefer no cut items, and no plastics but please keep in mind this will mean there is less variety in your box. We cannot guarantee that the produce has not been stored in plastic from the farm or the market. This is the case for ALL organic produce, no matter where the source of purchase.

At this stage, we are only delivering to each area once a week. Our regular clientele have suggested this option in the past, and its definitely a consideration as we grow.

Please call or send us an email – we are only too happy to discuss the best way to make it work for you. We want you to feel 100% satisfied with your purchase. 1300 310 231 or

The best place to talk about anything food, health or wellness, and get real time help, is in
The Organic Butler FB Community Group!

Of course you can! Feel free to order whatever you like, and when you like. The only limitation is that we have a $60 minimum order.


We try our best to get everything on your list, however due to weather and market availability, sometimes we cannot source them.

You can choose to accept substitutes (by going into your account settings) or we will issue you a credit to use next time you order. We issue credits every Thursday afternoon, via email.
To learn how to apply credits – click here!


Fresh produce is exactly that – it can be quite variable depending on what time in the season it is for that particular fruit/vegetable. We are so used to supermarket produce being the same quality all the time, so its hard to accept that fruit/veggies may not look as perfect as they do in the shops consistently. Early and late in the season, it tends to be not as great as the middle. As soon as we detect that produce is lacking in quality – we take it off the order until the new season begins.
We will keep you informed in this process by way of the Organic Farmers Report. The OFR will be sent to your email every Friday.