Organic Butter

Organic Butter – You can never have enough of it! Especially if its a good source like you will find here.
Smother your organics veggies with it, for some good fats. It seems to bring out the flavour of the vegetables even more. Heaven sent!
Packed full of natural goodness Organic Times 100% Grass-fed Unsalted and Salted Butter are made from high quality fresh organic cream, produced from cows able to graze on organic pasture all year round. They are free-range, well-tended and naturally raised without artificial hormones.
Organic Times dairy can be enjoyed knowing that organic practices work to respect animal welfare and biodiversity, while also using state of the art processing for better quality and taste. Specially crafted using a double churn process our butter has been developed to soften quickly and more evenly, offering a superior flavour ideal for cooking, baking and using as your favourite spread.

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