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Back To The Roots – Aquaponic Fish Tank


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The Water Garden combines a 3-gallon (11 Liters) fish tank with a vegetable and herb grow bed into one closed-loop system that fits easily on any kitchen counter, classroom or office. The waste from the fish provides nutrients for the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish!


  • Height: 34cm, Width: 24cm and Length: 34cm


  • Fish tank, grow stones and gravel(multi-colored)
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Fish food
  • Silent, submersible water pump
  • Australian Organic Seeds

    What plants can I grow in my Water Garden?

    We include organic wheatgrass and snow peas seeds with every Water Garden to start your organic farming. If you’re looking to grow other plants, leafy greens and herbs work best. We recommend parsley, coriander, mint, rocket, mixed greens, and other varieties of basil.

    What types of fish can I keep in my Water Garden?

    We recommend betta fish, as they are especially hardy. Zebra danios and guppies also work well with the Water Garden at numbers of two to three per tank. The Water Garden is not suitable for fish that are particularly sensitive to fluctuating ammonia and nitrite levels. If you decide to keep goldfish, please make sure you have a larger tank to move them to once they outgrow the 3 gallons!

    How many fish can I keep in my Water Garden?

    If you have a betta, you can only keep one per tank, as they will fight if kept with other fish. If you’re keeping other peaceful fish, the general rule of thumb is 1” of fish per gallon.

    Does it comes with everything you need?

    Yes water garden comes with everything you need, ex


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