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Organic Baby Box

Organic for Baby Box


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The choice to feed organic to your baby and/or child(ren) is a simple one.

Babies and children are still developing so reducing their exposure to pesticides is incredibly important for keeping them as healthy as possible. They tend to consume more food (for their weight) than adults, they are limited in the range of foods that they eat, therefore their exposure (even small amounts) can be critical to their well being.

“Pesticides may also have detrimental effects on human health, with young children among the particularly vulnerable. Recent research suggests that even low levels of pesticide exposure can affect young children’s neurological and behavioral development. Evidence shows a link between pesticides and neonatal reflexes, psychomotor and mental development, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.”

Research also shows that pesticides are linked to all sorts of health problems, for example cancer, asthma, reduced fertility, allergies, and possibly behavioural and learning disorders and the affects on your baby may not be known until much later on.

Scary stuff.
(Read more here)

The benefits of feeding your baby/child(ren) organic food include:

  • Produce tastes better! Perfect for babies and children’s overly sensitive tastebuds. You may even find they will eat fruit/veg they have rejected before!
  • Local and freshly picked for your babe – not sitting in a coolroom for weeks/months.
  • Higher in nutrients – as it’s so close to harvest.
  • Eating fruit and vegetables in season as opposed to conventional fruit and vegetables which might be stored, as well as sprayed with pesticides and after harvest waxes to make them last longer and available, all year round.
  • Organic farming and production promotes an eco-friendly environment, which is not only important for now, but for their entire generation!

So what’s in the box?

In season and palatable foods that are liked by most. These items will change slightly from week to week depending on market availability and seasonality.


Fruit may include: Bananas, Apples, Watermelon, Avocado, Rockmelon

Vegetables may include: Broccoli, Potato, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Cauliflower

Please exclude

Max 4 items you don’t need, don’t want, or are allergic to!
Have more than 4 items? Please customize a box instead in “Organic Produce”.

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