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Organic Kiwi

Organic Kiwi 500gm

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Melbourne’s Best Organic Kiwi Fruit!

“Kiwis are part of the super fruit category. One kiwi has 95% of vitamin C you need for the day”

This cold and flu season – get kiwis in your shopping cart! 

Kiwi 500gm is approx 4-6 kiwi’s. 

Serving Suggestions:

  • Eat them whole 
  • Juice them 
  • Icepoles 
  • Add to smoothies 
  • Add to fruit salad 
  • Add to pavlova 
  • Dehydrated 

Recipe Ideas: 

  • Kiwi, lime and coconut muffins 
  • Kiwi and banana bread 
  • No bake kiwi cheesecake 
  • Kiwi Jam 
  • Chocolate coated
  • Kiwi icypoles 
  • Kiwi dessert kebabs 

Other uses: 

  • Wine 
  • Salve for skin conditions 
  • Tonic for children and post postpartum 

Nutritional information: 

Great at helping to regulate blood sugar levels and contains 95% of the daily vitamin C requirements. 
Awesome for asthma, constipation, and blot clot sufferers (…

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