June 19, 2016

From The Inside: Gut Health

A Comprehensive Guide To Gut Health Over 2000 years ago, after a lifetime of accumulating wisdom, Hippocrates, a brilliant Greek physician often referred to as “the father of Western medicine”, has concluded: “All disease begins in the gut”. Unlike many other Hippocrates’ breakthrough findings, this concept did not resonate with his followers straight away. Two millenniums later, however, we are re-discovering the theory of gut health importance for overall wellbeing – as the saying goes, everything new is well-forgotten old. Excellent gut health is becoming the new black. Today, we would like to discuss what the hype is about, what evidence we actually have when it comes to the importance of gut health, and how to restore and maintain the optimal intestinal flora. A whole new world: meet the biome It’s not news that our bodies serve as homes for myriads of microorganisms, and the gastrointestinal tract is no exception. You have likely heard many generic stories along the lines of “good and bad bacteria” – not exactly informative, perhaps striving for comprehensive knowledge, you likely want to know much more about your gut inhabitants. The very same questions puzzled the scientists for a long time. The researchers were able to estimate that we can carry up to 2 kg of microbes in our intestines, as well as isolate and study some strains, but the entire picture remained a mystery. However, the methodological advancements allowing to perform thorough analysis and meet the entire gut biota family were not quite there…until recently. Careful genome sequencing and accumulating the data from multiple […]