June 25, 2016

Organic Market & Farmers Report 25/06/2016

The Organic Butler News: Here comes the winter blast of cold weather- wind, rain, hail, sleet and snow all forecast for the next few days, time to rug up and stay warm. The best time is now to get home delivery – who wants to go out into that? The Lost Acre Farm Eggs are back in stock – we are ALL rejoicing and we have a great supply this week. Ray had to buy some eggs from the shops this week, and he said there was no way they could even compare in taste… he is so elated he has taken 4 cartons of The Lost Acre Farm eggs for our household! Tangelos are back in season – another one of those fruits that we hang out for all year! So juicy and delicious. They are still in limited supply as everyone at the market will be after them! Cabbages are my top pick for this week – half price! Mandarines and avocadoes are also super cheap and great eating! Everything is beautiful quality. The boxes are extremely bountiful and overflowing and will be like this for the entire winter season! A great time to get your friends/family on board. Referrals: Did you know – you will receive $5 store credit automatically every single time one of your friends/family place an order after clicking through from your unique referral URL (once you place your order – scroll down the bottom of the thank you page to share yours now!) Environment: We are trying to be as environmentally friendly as we can as a business. […]