June 3, 2016

How to eat organic, without breaking the budget.

LET’S START FROM THE VERY BEGINNING (A very good place to start) There are some people who have been eating all-organic, wholefoods based diets for years. They’ve read all the books, relevant studies and seem to know everything from beta-carotene to the benefits of spirulina to fermenting their own kefir and kombucha – and they don’t seem to break the bank. For the rest of us, it’s somewhere between there and ‘flummoxed’, wading through endless conflicting articles in newspapers, magazines and anecdotes. Part of what we here at the Organic Butler do, is wade through most of that info for you – all our products are all carefully chosen and thought through, so you don’t have to! But it’s still a daunting process making the switch over to an organic foods diet, so if you or anyone you know is working through this at the moment, here are some tips and tricks for how to go about it- not everything works for every family, but some might work for you! BUDGET Work out how much you currently spend on food between the grocery store, snacks, coffee etc. This is your current weekly spend.Can you afford to spend more, or is this the amount you need to stick to? Organic food is more expensive if you buy the exact same produce, but if you need to stick to a budget, there are many, many ways to decrease the amount you spend, and these often have added health benefits. Do you buy bottled water? Fill up your bottle with filtered water and […]